Para mim, o nem existe, no Lion…


The lonesome death of attachments

Sparrow 1.4 is a special release for us. We took the time to improve our little bird both in terms of UI and performance. You should notice right away that Sparrow is now faster than ever.

It’s also been a while we wanted to integrate CloudApp. We use it daily at Sparrow and we thought it would make a lot of sense to get it into Sparrow.

A video is worth a thousand words so have a look below to see how it can make you more efficient and introduce a little magic in your mail experience:

All you have to do is activate the option in Sparrow Preferences and attachments should never be a problem again.

Of course, that’s not all. We also added:

  • A reversed thread ordering like in Gmail (older messages on top)

  • Pull-to-refresh

Pull to refresh

and we have made some improvement on the UI:

  • Default image in conversation view when no message or multiple message are selected
  • Window resize issue
  • Default compose window size
  • Message list default size is kept when modifying the sidebar state
  • Sidebar animations when showing / hiding
  • Default minimal size of windows

Important changes were also made under the hood, with a brand new draft management system which makes Sparrow:

  • Send mail faster
  • Behave better with bad network/ offline behavior
  • Synchronize faster

Bug fixes:

  • Zoho compatibility
  • Lotus Domino compatibility
  • Free compatibility
  • Dovecot server 
  • Crash on Send & Archive and various crashes
  • Animation bug when unminimizing Sparrow from the Menu bar icon
  • Hanging issue on Lion
  • Erased space in signature
  • ‘Not Spam’ option in the Spam folder

Open the Mac App Store to update your Sparrow and make the most of this new features or simply check for update.

If you haven’t Sparrow already, you can get it here.